About us

Every moment is a magical milestone that is of great importance to you and your baby. The first sleep, the first laugh, the first porridge, the first attempts at crawling, the first word ... the life of young parents is full of beautiful & exciting moments.

We at "TONI & OTIS" design products to support you and to welcome your baby into the world. We develop the highest quality of baby products that are made with your family in mind. All "TONI & OTIS" products are manufactured by certified, family-run textile companies. In order to have the shortest possible supply chains and to act in a environmentally friendly manner, we only work with suppliers from EU countries and Turkey. For reasons of quality and the environment, we don't even get "Made in China" in our bags! In this way we can guarantee that the products are of the best quality and that only natural, organic & vegan materials touch your baby's sensitive skin.

We founded our brand "TONI & OTIS" in summer 2020. "TONI & OTIS" stands for sustainable, organic, vegan & gender-neutral baby products. Not only our products, but also our company values ​​correspond 100% to the spirit of the time. We see the diversity of our modern society as a great added value and are committed to the topic of "diversity". We want to conquer the market for baby products with our modern and sustainable approach and give as many families as possible a lot of joy with our products.

With love from Hamburg - Your team from "TONI & OTIS"