Guest commentary: My job as a nurse on the mother-child ward

Guest commentary: My job as a nurse on the mother-child ward

September 22, 2020

Why I have the most beautiful job in the world ...

Dear readers,
I'm Alina and I work as a nurse on a mother-child ward in a city hospital in Northern Germany.
This means that I accompany and look after mothers of newborn babies for the first few days after birth. The birth is a very extraordinary and incomparable experience for every woman and of course also for the fathers. After 9 months the time has come and the parents are finally holding their little happiness in their arms.
And it is precisely these emotional and happy moments full of love and affection that I am allowed to experience every day. These are very intimate and intense moments, from the first time you get to know each other to the first time breastfeeding. With so many feelings and often uncertainties, we are there and support Parents and empower them in their new role. Because a very important task in the first time with us in the clinic is to guide the parents safely. We show how to properly wrap the little worms, wash and take care of them independently so that they can be sent home prepared, wherever the new everyday life begins.
And we also focus on breastfeeding. We support mums in putting on the correctly Newborns, or of course also offer alternatives, such as pumping breast milk out or also stop breastfeeding, if so desired.
All of this requires empathy, patience and a lot of communication with parents. But at the end it is worth every effort during the day, because after a few days when the parents leave the hospital and are looking forward to the adventure at home, they are very grateful for the support.
And why do I have the most beautiful job in the world ...? Even when things get stressful, there is no day where you don't smile. Because the smallest beings can put the biggest smile on your face. Every newborn is very special in its own way and sometimes also a little bit challenging. And when you take care of the little people, you forget for some moments also all the bad in this world. I am very grateful for such a valuable job filled with so much joy.

Info: Alina is an expert when it comes to babies and their needs. Therefore we are very happy that she is there to advise us on the development of the our products.


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